Hajj Boyuk Ghasab Sahebcar with Rasin’s institute Larry was preside wheat transport from other cities to Tabriz in order to impart of providing people’s needful which was bread. He started transportation pilgrims to holy places with own buses and Larries and after awhile with cooperation of country authorities he could be responsible for Hajj caravan management. With registration of Hajjis convey them to Arabia to do their smaller pilgrimage or obligatory hajj. He was responsible for this management before some years of his death. Youthful, country compassion, transportation entrance, transportation of pilgrims and hajjis to holy places and Arabia, transportation of freight
Especially, wheat to Tabriz, enforce him in order to easier the transportation of his twonsman to Tehran or commute, he bought revenue of Tabriz Auto Seir Institute, and he entered buses to that Institute for easier transportation of people. He started this activity when some body averse of expanse and development of automobile in country. They believed that these vehicles were more dangerous than alcohol and opium and claimed that “it is insanity to getting on the vehicle which has no brain”; others who missed their career, started to conflict with automobile. These persons consist of saddlers, caravansary owners, blacksmiths and hoarse sales…
Before entrance of bus to Iran’s roads, at that time despite of driving and camions, there were automobiles which were look like trucks and said them “Larry” entered to country. These primary stringed buses were appertained to transportation of farer. These Larries carried freights and got on the farer who was 25 or 30 man on top of them. Marled them, in order to prevent from falling. At that time the farers who got on inside the Larry was told “Talari” and farers who got on outside was told “Tanabi”. Travel by this vehicle was in such way that when the farers landed hadn’t had identified. Using of transportation vehicle were not easy (80 years ago carfare for any body was 2 Rial). The price of a Larry set was 7500 Rial that its 700 – 1000 as a down payment and the rest was paid in installment. As for vehicle’s fares expensiveness, after awhile many people entered to that career and many cars were imported from foreign country. One of reasons of people’s gravitation to public transportation was that the cartage which they paid for cart’s farer was half of Larry and bus cartage. Although, person who travel by cart were at least 2 days in roads that despite of length of course, other expenditure was imposed to them. Provided the Larry covered the same course in about 8 hours. Each cart was suitable for three people: a carter, a famulus, a hostler. Provided that Larry needed just two people, one driver and other famulus which it was automobile owner’s dividend. Also there was not problem of horse death and course waiting ness for automobile owner

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