Route from Tehran to Istanbul Route from Tehran to Ankara Map of Country



Radio was established in 1925 in Turkey. Turkey radio gets the whole countries under its news covering which has four international transceivers and more than 50 native radio stations. Turkey governmental television in 1965 was starting its work. Turkey constitutional, all radio and television centers were got under protection of government.
Turkey was introduced as a communicative bridge between Asia and Europe from many years ago. Ways reticule of this country returns to 2000 years before A.D. and Hitian tribe period. There were good ways in Osmanli imperator period in the entire land. After establishing Republic Turkey because of need to having suitable ways there were special attention to country ways extension. At the end of 1993 Turkey had 59842 kilometers main roads and 308000 kilometers village roads. Turkey geographic position was provided many potential facilities from tourist’s absorptions point of view and every years were absorbed many tourists especially from Europe and America to itself.

Turkey land contains of 74 provinces, 829 cities, 688 urban parts and 36349 villages. it is interesting to know that every person has a number (for example Istanbul province is number 34) this number was carved at left hand of all automobiles numbers in Istanbul which is the marker of being numbered of that automobile in Istanbul province.    
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